Sudanese refugee worries for family left behind


Staff member
By KENDALL KING, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

William Garang has travelled far.
Born in South Sudan but forced to flee as a child, he has walked through Sudanese countryside, across the Kenyan border and between the rows of buildings in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, to finally arrive in Medicine Hat. Now he hopes his family members will be able to follow.
Garang, with the help of the Medicine Hat and Area Refugee Team, a non-profit society comprised of six local churches, is aiming to raise $90,000 to fund the relocation and sponsorship of family still living in the refugee camp.
Garang’s family originates from a village in what was once southern Sudan. His father was the village chief and a prominent figure in the region. The village was greatly affected by conflict between northern and southern opposition groups. In an effort to protect his people, Garang’s father opposed one of the groups’ demands and was killed as a result.
Following his father’s death, Garang, his mother and his siblings knew they would be targeted, too, if they didn’t leave. They were able to escape by...continued

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