Shipping containers adrift off the coast of Vancouver Island leave west coast communities with many questions


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By Melissa Renwick, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

After 109 shipping containers were knocked off a cargo ship near Vancouver Island on Friday, Oct. 22, communities on the west coast are left with many unanswered questions.
The number of containers has grown from the original estimation of 40. The containers went overboard when the vessel, known as MV Zim Kingston, encountered rough seas.
A container fire broke out on the ship the following day while it was anchored near Victoria. Potassium amylxanthate, a hazardous chemical widely used in the mining industry, was stored in two of the containers that caught fire, as well as two of the containers that went overboard.
Contents inside the adrift containers include Christmas decorations, sofas, poker boards, metal car parts, clothing, toys, yoga mats, stand-up paddle boards, as well as industrial parts, according to the Canadian Coast Guard.
The shipping containers’ movements are being monitored through overflights by the United States Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard helicopters, Transport Canada’s National Aerial Surveillance Program, as well as vessels transiting the area. The US Coast Guard also dropped...continued

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