People Leaving Prison Need More Supports to Protect Against Overdose


Staff member
By Moira Wyton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

It has been nearly 15 years since Mo Korchinski was last incarcerated and started her recovery from substance use disorder thanks to a warden who found her a bed in a recovery program after her release.
It was the sense of dignity and accountability to someone else that helped her stay in recovery and start building a different life, Korchinksi says.
But now as executive director of Unlocking the Gates Services Society, which supports people who are released from prison to find housing, health care and community, Korchinski feels like resources for clients are disappearing before her eyes.
“There are less now than when we started,” Korchinski said in an interview. The demand for her organization’s support services has grown by 50 per cent over the past year, from 800 clients in 2020 to more than 1,200 clients in 2021 so far.
And as 2021 hurtles towards being B.C.’s most fatal year recorded for toxic drug deaths, helping people released from incarceration to access health care and harm reduction is more...continued.

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