Keay pushes for chemo in High Prairie


Staff member
Richard Froese
South Peace News

A longtime High Prairie healthcare proponent is urging town council to lobby government to bring chemotherapy to the local region.

George Keay spoke to Town of High Prairie council at its regular meeting Aug. 10 in response to news that a group in Slave Lake is pushing to get chemotherapy in that community 115 km east of High Prairie.

“We have to start a lobbying group,” says Keay, who was a key leader to persuade the government to build the new High Prairie Health Complex that opened in April 2017.

He suggests a local group be created to make a presentation to Alberta Health Services and the government.

“If we make a good-enough proposal, it would be difficult to turn it down,” Keay says.

Councillor Arlen Quartly agrees about a plan to go to the healthcare authorities.

“As council, it is our job to lobby for the community,” Quartly says.

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