Fright Files: Strange happenings afoot at old flour mill


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By KENDALL KING, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Throughout time, many hands have joined together to build Medicine Hat. Hands holding other hands. Hands working alone. Hands covered in dust, oil, clay, ink and flour, all played their part.
Most hands have done good for this city, but some have been used for more sinister work.
Legend has it, the hands which built one of Medicine Hat’s most notable buildings, the old flour mill on South Railway Street SE, were tainted by the evil deeds they committed.
The mill was originally built in 1906. Only a few years later, tragedy struck when the mill caught fire and burned down. The owners of the mill immediately hired a construction team to rebuild the structure. Monstrous in size for the time, construction on the replacement mill took many days and was often...continued

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