Extreme cold temperatures affect the pet population


Staff member
By Jaxon McGinn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

For the past two weeks, the polar vortex has been in full swing across the prairies, with Coaldale seeing temperatures around -30 and wind chills upwards of -40. The cold weather can have a crucial impact on the local pet population, with some rescues already full.
The Last Chance Cat Ranch located in Lethbridge is currently full and is asking people to help stray cats whenever possible. Elizabeth Ginn, the founder of Last Chance Cat Ranch, says it can’t provide the much-needed help because of financial constraints. The City of Lethbridge isn’t providing support to rescues either, forcing the organization to fundraise independently.
“People keep calling rescues expecting rescues to do all the work for them,” said Ginn. “We’re all volunteers here, nobody gets paid. The Humane Society won’t do anything, the city won’t do anything, so if people care, they have to make an effort to help the pet and then we can do our best to...continued.

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