Commentary – Thursday to remember


Staff member
Jeff Burgar

I was very much torn between writing sincere and heartfelt words on Remembrance Day and what it means to so many Canadians. Torn between that, and something else that is now in the news.
As can be seen in the pages of this newspaper, there is a long list of local veterans who served in wars and peace actions around the world. I think it is disgraceful the action of Canada’s prime minister has become a lightning rod of controversy. Remembrance Day should be a day, and a week, of giving thanks to all those who serve. Too many of those paid the ultimate price.
I find it in incredibly disrespectful their memory is now mired in a discussion of when it is appropriate to raise or lower our national flag.
I also find it incredibly insensitive the memory of Indigenous children finds itself also mired in this same discussion.
I could say unfortunate, but that would imply somebody, someplace, was asleep at the switch and this whole thing is an accident. Veterans, those who serve, and those children deserved much more intelligent thought and...continued.

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