City sees increase in cybercrime: NPD chief constable


Staff member
By Timothy Schafer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Cybercrime is on the increase in the Heritage city, according to the city’s top cop, and U.S.-style violence and confrontation might be on the way.
Donovan Fisher, the Nelson Police Department’s chief constable, said the NPD’s general investigations section (GIS) is more in demand lately as the level of cybercrime in Nelson has increased.
He recently told city council that online and cellular crime is another area that police continue to see increased pressure on and a demand to deal with.
“As the level of investigations and the crime becomes more complex, there is need to have a focused investigative team that has knowledge and the ability to have that skill set to not only investigate it but put a very high level of product disclosure in to the Crown,” for prosecution, he said.
Fisher explained that there are instances where technology is used as an instrument to...continued.

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