ABO donated just over $3,200 to Busy Bee Daycare at Falher June 29. Left-right are ABO Wind’s Jonathan Cooper, Busy Bee Daycare’s Raivan Gagnon and Kailan Rowan, ABO Wind’s Dave Berrade, and Busy Bee Daycare’s Kristina Nolette.Photo courtesy of Diane Chiasson

Busy Bee Daycare in Falher received a donation from ABO Wind to help pay for new appliances in their facility.

The daycare recently moved locations from Main Street Falher to a building in the Routhier School compound. Once they moved to the new facility, they recognized the need for a new washer and dryer for the daycare.

“ABO Wind graciously donated over $3,200 for the purchase of a stackable washer and dryer for the Busy Bee Daycare,” says president Amanada Vanden Bosch.

“Receiving money from companies helps us on many fronts.

“First and foremost, it helps reduce our expenses as we secure most of our capital from registration fees and fundraising opportunities. Secondly it helps the daycare provide added value for registration meaning parents will see that with the money donated they will get further benefit to their child/childcare without having to pay more to receive the benefit. Lastly, it also helps us reduce the fundraising commitments for the board, staff, families as we know there are many organizations in the area fundraising in a similar fashion and many of our families are also involved with these other organizations so every little donation helps us reduce fundraiser burn out.”

ABO Wind Canada Ltd. senior project manager Jon Cooper says ABO commits to growing its relationship with the communities where they operate, and it is part of their fundamental values that these communities benefit from their presence.

“As we learn more about each community, we discover initiatives that would benefit from our contributions,” Cooper says.

“It was brought to our attention that the Busy Bee Daycare was in need of a washer and dryer to wash clothing and linens on site. For ABO, this was an excellent opportunity to support a not-for-profit organization within the community that would provide value to those with children who use the daycare. Following construction of the Project there will be a community benefit fund available to go towards both small and larger scale benefits within the community.”

Vanden Bosch says that businesses that support local services encourages reciprocal support and encourages local growth which is what she feels is desperately needed in the area.

“The daycare is always looking for donations – mainly toys and crafting supplies on a regular basis – but there are some future goals to offer things like a snack program and a sensory space for the children which are costly but give us great goals to strive toward,” Vanden Bosch explains.

“We also gladly accept donated time for our fundraisers so anyone willing or wanting to help us fundraise to keep the service active will never be turned away,” she adds.

Cooper explains ABO Wind is happy to give to community organizations that require assistance, and they’re hopeful that the Smoky River Wind Project development will allow them to be long-term neighbours in the area, recognizing that being a good neighbour involves giving back to the community they serve.

“Childcare is a crucial piece of any community as it allows the continuation of work for the parents as well as socialization and care for the children,” says Cooper.

“It is important in any community to allow for the continuation of one’s career and still have access to safe, reliable, and affordable childcare. The Falher daycare offers childcare services from toddlers to grade schoolers and helps support families during the day and after school,” Cooper adds.

Vanden Bosch says children and staff have adapted quickly to the new location. She says the new building gives the staff more programming opportunities with the school parks being so accessible during the summer months and it has eased the school drop off and pick up for those children attending Heritage or Routhier during the school year.

“We have also noticed that the programming for each age group is much clearer and well-received by the children as the predominant segregation of pre-school and out of school care kids from the infant and toddler group has been made possible with the new location having two separate spaces available,” she says.

By Emily Plihal, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Aug 09, 2023

This item reprinted with permission from   South Peace News   High Prairie, Alberta

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