Town of Peace River council is expressing interest in rejoining two boards.

Debate occurred during 2024 budget deliberations late last year.

Council requested administration contact Peace Regional Economic Development Alliance (PREDA) to see how it can reinstate its membership. PREDA responded by saying council’s request had been reviewed at its November meeting and responded asking for a Notice of Motion requesting membership and indication of who Peace River’s appointed council member would be.

“Council has approved a motion to ask PREDA to accept the Town as a member,” says Mayor Elaine Manzer.

“Membership in PREDA will help the Town with possible regional partnerships, access to studies and research that are relevant to our area, and in gaining knowledge of other ongoing regional development.”

If the membership request by PREDA at its meeting March 1 is approved, Peace River will be invoiced $1 per capita, along with a mandatory contribution to the Municipal Project Fund (MPF) of $0.30 per capita.

“PREDA will provide access to PREDA studies and research project summaries, networking opportunities for a unified voice to raise funds and utilize human resources for regional economic development, access to economic trends and intelligence, linkage to the PREDA website at, access to some other services when desired,” says Manzer.

Council has also asked to be put back on PREDA’s subcommittee the Northern Alberta Transportation Advocacy Bureau (NTAB).

“NTAB advocates for transportation and economic corridors for Northern Alberta, including a road between Fort McMurray and Peace River, that would also be a utility corridor for electricity, and others,” says Manzer. “It also advocates for rail access to BC for our products.”

Manzer will be the primary representative on both committees, with alternates being Deputy Mayor Shelly Shannon for PREDA and Councillor Brad Carr for NTAB.

“Membership was discussed during budget deliberations and council approved the applications as benefiting the Town in terms of economic and networking partnership possibilities,” explains Manzer.

Emily Plihal Local Journalism Initiative Reporter – South Peace News –

Original Published on Jan 17, 2024 at 14:45