Now that the Town of Drayton Valley has received some input from the public regarding the Municipal Development Plan bylaw and the Land Use bylaw, they are moving forward to the next step.

Peter Vana, the General Manager of Planning and Growth, says making changes to the MDP can be a lengthy process.

“The last time the Municipal Development Plan was done was more than ten years ago,” says Vana. “The Land Use bylaw was done around 2020.”

He says the Town held their first open house for the bylaws on December 7 last year. At that point, there was a public engagement presentation for those in attendance. Vana says this helped to explain what exactly the MDP and LUB were, as well as their importance for the community.

There was a survey available for those in attendance at the public house and one available online for residents who couldn’t attend.

Vana says that MDPs are a provincial requirement for all municipalities. These plans, which Vana described as similar to a blueprint, outline how the community will grow over the foreseeable future. 

“An MDP is essentially a forward looking document that is approved by council and tells people how the Town will grow, and the expected population growth,” says Vana.

He says it allows council and administration to map out where housing areas, commercial districts, and other zones will be in the future. He says it can be a help for council during budget deliberations because they will have an idea of where funds need to go.

The document touches on servicing for the different zones and also talks about what the economic growth will look like.

MDPs are also crucial to amendments to the LUB of communities in that the municipality has to ensure that the current zoning requirements still work with the MDP blueprint. Vana says the zoning in the LUB has to match the MDP or there will be conflicts in future growth.

He says developers often refer to the MDP and LUB when choosing where they want to purchase land. 

In order to comply with the government regulations, the Town has to consult with stakeholders, the public, and the municipality’s neighbours, which is Brazeau County. 

The entire process takes one to two years, depending on the required overhaul, says Vana.

Vana and his team had gone through the data and provided council with a summary of some of the responses from the 19 question survey.

Some residents expressed concern about the amount of road kills found around the community and destruction of animal habitats. Residents also indicated they see several key opportunities for development in the community, such as self-starting businesses, diversification of the economy, and the potential for more trails and outdoor excursions.

When looking into the future, residents imagined a community that is senior friendly and offers economical transportation; a place that respects and promotes freedom, business, creativity and innovation.

Vana says now that they have received feedback, administration will be working on their first draft of the bylaw. Once completed, the draft will also go through a public consultation process, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to give their thoughts.

Anyone looking for more information on the MDP can visit the Town’s website, and look under the Pull Together section.

By Amanda Jeffery, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on Feb 01, 2024 at 11:34

This item reprinted with permission from   Free Press   Drayton Valley, Alberta

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