Residents in communities across Canada are urged to get counted in the 2021 national census in May.

Every five years, Canadians expect canvassers or a Statistics Canada envelope at their door.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has eliminated the door-to-door campaign in 2021 to prevent the risk and spread of the virus.

Instead, Canadians are invited to complete the survey online at

Statistics Canada mailed out cards, similar to an elections voter card, to confirm a person’s residential address.

However, many people hadn’t received their cards by May 11, Census Day.

With or without a card, it’s important to fill out the questionnaire online.

Census information is used to plan programs and services in communities, says Anil Arora, chief statistician of Canada.

“The information you provide is converted into statistics used by communities, businesses and governments to plan services and make informed decisions about employment, education, health care, market development and more,” Arora says on the Statistics Canada website.

Information in the surveys is vital to communities for planning services that support employment, schools, public transportation and hospitals.

Population is a main factor when federal and provincial governments dole out funding and grants to municipalities and various other service agencies and authorities.

Questionnaires collect information on the demographic, social and economic situation of people across Canada, and the dwellings they live in.

The census of population provides high-quality information on key socioeconomic trends and analysis that helps Canadians make important decisions that affect families, local neighbourhoods and local businesses.

Local farmers and agricultural business also value the census. The census of agriculture provides information on all aspects of the Canadian agricultural industry, from the rural or municipal level to the national level.

Both public and private agricultural organizations use the data collected from the census of agriculture.

By law, every household must complete a 2021 census of population questionnaire. Farm operators must also complete a census of agriculture questionnaire.

People who are not confident on the computer may consider opting out of the census.

However, the process is easy and short.

When people complete the survey, it will give them a sense of confidence and belonging as they show their true Canadian colours.

It shows people are proud to be a Canadian.

Count yourself a Canadian.

For more information or to complete a census online, visit the website at

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