Monday, Oct. 23, 2023 Organizational meeting

Chief elected official

The first item of business was for council to appoint a reeve for another year. Marshall (Marcel) Auger was the only one nominated, and returns to the position he’s held for several years.

The same went for Deputy Reeve Brendan Powell; nobody else was nominated, so he continues in that position.

Meeting schedule

Council approved a meeting schedule for the year ending on Oct. 23, 2024. It goes like this: meetings will be held the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month, with one exception due to a conference.

All meetings are to begin at 10 a.m. Budget meetings will be additional, on an ‘as-needed basis.’

Regular meetings are to be held in council chambers in Wabasca, and ‘delegation’ meetings will rotate between Wabasca, Red Earth Creek and Calling Lake (and possibly others).

A late amendment to the schedule was made with regard to a meeting originally scheduled for Sept. 25, 2024 in Red Earth. It will now be on Sept. 23.

Signing authority

The next order of business in the org. meeting was to assign signing authority. Accordingly, council appointed CAO Chad Tullis and staff members Cynthia Taron, Trina Mineault and Lynda Gray to that role, along with Auger and Powell, plus councillors Robin Guild, Darlene Jackson, Larry Cardinal and Tahirih Wiebe.

Remuneration: raises approved

Council approved amendments to the annual salary for reeve, deputy reeve and council members, as well as council member funeral allowance. The reeve gets a bump from $88,200 to $91,200; deputy reeve goes from $84,600 to $84,900. Councillor compensation goes from $81,900 to $84,900. The allowance for a councillor’s funeral doubles, from $5,000 to $10,000.


Emergency Management Agency – the reeve and deputy reeve will sit on this committee
FCSS – All council members
Policy Committee – All council members
LSL Regional Housing Authority – Robin Guild
Community Futures LSL – Marshall Auger
Greater North Foundation – Cheri Courtorielle
Community Education Committee – Wiebe and Auger
Northern Transportation Advocacy Bureau – Powell
Assessment Review Board – Powell, Guild, Wiebe
Municipal Planning Commission – Cardinal, Jackson, Gerald Johnson
SDAB – Guild, Fay Cardinal
Library Board – Wiebe, Powell
Peace Library System – Wiebe
Atoske Action Group – Wiebe
Alberta North Central Alliance – Auger, Powell
Wabasca/Desmarais Housing Authority – Courtorielle, Guild, Jackson, Johnson
Land and Development Authority – Katelyn Alook, Lisa Belanger
Water North Coalition – Auger, Guild, Johnson, Earl Gullion
Northern Alberta Elected Leaders – Auger
Al-Pac Landscape Advisory Group – Cardinal
Northwest Species At Risk Committee – Wiebe
Senior Home Repair Committee – Leo Alook, Cardinal, Jackson, Johnson, Powell, Wiebe
Calling Lake Senior Housing Working Committee – Auger, Courtorielle, Jackson, Johnson, Powell
Recreation Committee – Auger, Courtorielle, Jackson, Johnson, Wiebe, Powell
Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) – Courtorielle, Jackson, Johnson, Powell, Wiebe
Regional Health Care Attraction & Retention Committee – Auger, Courtorielle
Grants Committee – Auger, Courtorielle, Guild, Jackson, Johnson, Powell, Wiebe
Chipewyan Lake Treaty Land Entitlement Transition Committee – Cardinal, Jackson, Yellowknee
Peace River School Division Planning Committee – Powell

Additions to org. chart

Council approved an amended version of the M.D. organizational chart. The new version has an additional community peace officer (for a total of four), the removal of two Calling Lake security positions, and the shifting of the family maintenance department from Recreation and Culture to Capital Projects.

by Joe McWilliams

This item copyrighted by / Lakeside Leaader   Slave Lake, Alberta

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