Chris Clegg
South Peace News

It has taken well over a decade of lobbying, a plethora of setbacks and triumphs, but the end is near!

Alberta Health Services announced May 7 that construction has started at the High Prairie Health Complex on a new renal dialysis clinic.

The service will enable local residents to receive life-saving treatment closer to home.

Currently, the service is currently not available in High Prairie, requiring residents to travel for treatment.

AHS says the new dialysis unit is expected to open to patients early next year. Construction is estimated to be completed in December, when the project will enter an operational planning and commissioning period, which involves installation of equipment and furniture, detailed cleaning, and extensive testing of the systems and equipment.

The process is essential to ensure everything is safe and working properly before being used to care for patients.

Additional staff will also need to be hired and trained to provide the specialized treatment.

There will be six stations at the new dialysis clinic, which will be open three days per week. The unit will be able to treat up to 12 patients each day.

In February 2019, the Government of Alberta announced it was providing $5.2 million to AHS to build a new dialysis clinic in shelled-in space at the High Prairie Health Complex. The decision followed significant engagement with hemodialysis patients who live closer to High Prairie than to any other dialysis unit.

The High Prairie dialysis clinic is expected to reduce capacity pressure on the dialysis unit at the Slave Lake Healthcare Centre, which will continue to serve residents in Slave Lake and area. There will be no loss of staff in Slave Lake as a result of the High Prairie dialysis clinic.

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