On July 20, concrete for the new pad at the High Prairie Sports Palace was poured. The approximate $1.2 million project is on schedule. Following are a few facts (for the arena slab only) provided by Bry Sand Ice Arena Ltd., which may be of interest to readers:

  • Over 900 metric tonnes of sand and gravel were installed under the slab.
  • There is 55,000 board feet of Styrofoam insulation under the slab.
  • There is 22 km of high-density poly-ethylene rink pipe between the reinforcing layers in the slab.
  • There is 12 km and 21,000 pounds of rebar in the slab below the rink pipe.
  • There is 16,600 square feet or 15,00 pounds of welded wire mesh in the slab above the rink pipe.
  • There is 215 cubic metres of concrete spread (over 31 concrete truck loads).
Dignitaries taking part in the ceremony included: left-right, High Prairie Councillor Donna Deynaka, High Prairie Councillor Therese Yacyshyn, Town of High Prairie CAO Bill McKennan, Big Lakes County CAO Jerry Gautreau, and Big Lakes County Reeve Robert Nygaard.
Town of High Prairie staff also attended the ceremony. Left-right are recreation staff Travis Chalifoux, Rick Dumont and Recreation Supt. Ramona Rollins.
Big Lakes County pins, Town of High Prairie pins, and two “Lucky Loonies” were buried in the concrete pad for good luck!
Bry Sand crews pour the concrete slab on July 20.
Ever wonder what’s under the concrete at the arena ice pad? Kilometres and kilometres of pipe!