Each time I go to the grocery store today I am amazed when I walk down the cereal aisle.

Back in my Fred Flintstone childhood days there was little choice. Actually, there was quite a bit of choice but not as much as today, where an entire aisle is dedicated to the latest craze of sugar-coated treats to delight a child. I am still amazed no one named a cereal Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs as in Calvin and Hobbes! Probably a copyright issue today!

In my childhood, it was usually porridge, Puffed Wheat or Corn Flakes. A treat was Raisin Bran, Sugar Crisp or Honeycomb and my favourite – Froot Loops!

It is odd the memories one keeps. I remember how delicious sludgy old porridge was on a cold winter morning when mom heated it up. Some milk and little sugar and it was a delight. I still can’t figure out where all that wonderful taste came from!

I remember when Count Chocola arrived in the local stores in the early 1970s. It was advertised on TV. It was imperative that my sisters, Donna and Dianne, and myself have it. We were the three youngest in the family. I mean, it was chocolate and it was cereal! It had to be scrumptious, right? We begged mom to buy us some. Many trips to the supermarket were unsuccessful. Finally, the big day arrived when we broke mom down and she bought some.

We couldn’t wait to get home! The anticipation was unreal! It was Christmas all over again! We got out our bowls and poured the milk over and dug in!

Blech! It had to be the worst cereal I ever ate! It was horrible!

My sisters agreed. I believe half the box ended up the garbage. Yes, it was that bad!

Perhaps mom knew all along? Did she secretly buy a box all for herself one day and not tell us?

Porridge and Corn Flakes never tasted so good afterwards!

Today’s walk down the cereal aisle is an adventure. So many choices but not all of them laden with sugar. There are many healthy choices as companies try to get their share of the market from people who choose to try and eat a little healthier. I find myself eating more Raisin Bran although before I get to the bottom of the box I find those little rascals a bit hard. I guess I have to eat it faster when it is fresh!

I often find myself having cereal and toast for supper once every couple weeks. I do enjoy it and find it is easy to make and a really good excuse for not slaving over a stove or running down to the local eatery for takeout. Chalk it up to being lazy but at least there are very few dishes to wash since my dishwasher went to Maytag heaven!

I also discovered there was not a big difference from eating cereal than eating barley or wheat during harvest. Yes, during harvest I would scoop out handful of barley or wheat and eat it. A few mashed up bugs through the combine never bothered me. More protein! Hey, if was good for the birds. . .

I was never hungry in the fall. The odd thing is I do not remember eating grain during winter when hauling grain to the elevator. Perhaps there is a case to be made for being fresh!

Cereal is indeed a great invention. Easy to make. Plenty of choice. Not much mess!

What more could one ask for?

Chris Clegg

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