Traffic cameras were installed in High Prairie on Aug. 23 to improve traffic flow at intersections.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Special cameras are up and operating at two major High Prairie highway intersections to improve traffic flow.

Cameras were installed Aug. 23 on Highway Two at the intersections of Secondary Highway 749 and at 50 Street.

“It’s a video detection system that helps the flow of traffic,” says Mike Baker, signal technician for TB Traffic Inc., which installed the cameras under contract with the Ministry of Transportation.
“It’s a smarter system that responds to traffic volume, traffic patterns, and creates smoother traffic flow.”

For instance, when a camera observes longer traffic in one direction, the green light will stay on longer, he says.

The cameras are not used to record traffic or other incidents in range of view.

Baker says traffic cameras are becoming more popular in areas of heavy traffic volumes.

He notes the camera system is more effective than the ground sensors. Cameras were scheduled to start operating Aug. 24.