Big Lakes County has allocated funding from the provincial Municipal Sustainability Initiative to capital projects.

At its regular meeting Oct. 25, council approved administration’s recommendations for 2023 MSI allocations.

“Based on MSI calculations, Big Lakes County must submit about $4.2 million to be eligible to retain the funding in future years and to be paid the 2021, 2022 and 2023 MSI funding allocations,” interim CAO Dave Reynolds said.

“Any unspent MSI funding from 2019-2023 will not be carried into 2024.”

Council approved funding of $2.3 million for gravel crushing.

“As no gravel was crushed in 2022, an application can be submitted for 2023 expenditures,” said Reynolds, who also serves as director of corporate services.

Council also allocated funding of $1.8 million for equipment replacements that arrived in 2023. The equipment included two motor graders, four half-ton pick-up trucks, a tractor, two one-ton pick-up trucks and a steer skid loader.

In the motion, council also allocated funding of $50,000 for an alleyway in Faust

The MSI program closes at the end of 2023 and will be replaced by the new Local Government Fiscal Framework (LGGF) program in 2024. It will include $722 million in capital funding legislated under Local Government Fiscal Framework Act and non-legislated operating funding.

Capital funding will remain available for roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems, solid waste management facilities and equipment, regional and community airport facilities and equipment, and other municipal buildings such as recreation and sports facilities, libraries, public works buildings and cultural and community centres.

Eligible operating funds are available for municipal services, capacity-building activities that improve efficiency or effectiveness, planning activities and assistance to non-profit organizations.

by Richard Froese

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