Chelsey Monahan and her daughter, Tenley Cunningham, were busy painting their window for Easter on April 9. Judging by the smiles, and having a great time!

SPN Staff

People who have placed hearts in their windows in High Prairie may be getting a small gift from the High Prairie Community Beautification Association.

The community group has decided to present certificates of appreciation to residents who have performed the good deed to brighten up the town a bit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the High Prairie and Area Discussion and Information Board March 22, resident Gay Olanski asked people to put hearts in their windows.

“It’s a way to connect and spread some love around,” she says.

People were urged to either paint a red heart and put it in the window or cut a heart from red paper and paste it on the window.

“When people go for a walk it’s something they can look for and give the children some focus,” she says.

And since the heart is a sign of love, it shows everyone that other people are thinking and caring about them.

“The idea is to spread some love,” says Olanski.

“It’s a way to connect without having to touch someone.”

Since then, hearts began popping up all over High Prairie immediately. Beautification took notice.

“We thought this was a wonderful way to brighten up the mood in the community,” says Beautification chair Chris Clegg.

“So our members thought it would be nice to show some appreciation to the people who went the extra mile.”

Beautification will record the addresses of homes where they see hearts and present the laminated certificates at a later date.

“We’re not limiting it to hearts only, says Clegg. “If people want to paint their windows, we will recognize their efforts. We see this as valuable family time.”

Residents taking part may e-mail Beautification with their address, or even send a photo with their family and the heart/decoration to

Certificates will be dropped off at resident’s houses so contact with winners is limited. Beautification will ensure the certificates will be dropped off only when safe to do so.

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A house north of High Prairie Elementary School had not one but seven hearts in the window.