Richard Froese
South Peace News

All nine members of Big Lakes County council are seeking re-election in the municipal elections as nomination day approaches on Sept. 18.

Reeve Ken Matthews indicates he will be in the running.

“Yes, I am running again,” says Matthews, who has served as reeve for four years and represented North Gilwood – Triangle for 11 years.

“There are some projects started that I would like to see get finished.”

He says he enjoys the opportunity to serve the county and has time.

Dave Marx of Prairie Echo – Salt Prairie is seeking another term and cites water services as his top priority.

He was first elected in 1998 and has served 19 years.

“We have the only ward without water,” says Marx, who was deputy reeve for the current four-year term.

“We still haven’t got water out to this area.

“We’re working on it and it’s close.”

He adds he enjoys the work and likes to see projects completed like the paving of the East Prairie and Peavine roads.

“I really enjoy it and I think I do fairly well.”

Don Charrois wants to serve a second term.

“I am running,” says Charrois, who represents High Prairie East – Banana Belt.

“There are a lot of projects that we started and I would like to serve another term and hopefully we can complete a few more like water.”

Ken Killeen, of Kinuso, is also eager to continue.

“I’m going to run again,” says Killeen, who has served on council for 20 years.

“I enjoy working with people, and I’ve got the time.”

Ron Matula seeks to serve his first full term for Enilda – Big Meadow.

“I’m going to run again,” says Matula who was elected in a byelection in October 2015.

“I just got my feet wet and learned about all the issues.”

Robert Nygaard, of Faust, is ready to serve his second term.

“I’m running,” says Nygaard, who has been on council for four years.

He gave no reason to run again.

Ed Podollan, of Joussard, wants to serve more time.

“I decided yesterday I’m running,” Podollan says Sept. 5.

Serving his first four-year term on council, he declined to give any reasons for running.

Ann Stewart wants to extend her lengthy service on council as representative for South Sunset House – Gilwood.

“I’m going to run,” says Stewart, who has served on council for four years.

“I enjoy working with the residents of my ward, people in the county and council.”

She says that council works well to serve the needs of the entire county and she wants to continue her role to ensure projects are completed.

Grouard Councillor Frank Sutherland will seek re-election.

“I plan to run for council again,” says Sutherland, serving on council in the current four-year term.

“I like to represent my community.”


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