A unicorn in the world of law has opened an office in Lethbridge after rapid expansion has seen the company quadruple its size across Alberta.

Litco Law has been in operation for almost 50 years with a primary focus on personal injury law, though they have recently begun diving into other areas of law.

The company began in Calgary and operated in the city for most of its existence.

However, in 2018, Litco Law decided it was time to expand across the province by opening a new office in Calgary and eventually entering Edmonton and Red Deer before eyeing Lethbridge.

Cheyno Finnie has been a staple personality in Lethbridge for years, so his addition to the Litco team, as they enter Lethbridge, is to bring some familiarity to the newest firm in town. 

Finnie, a well-known businessman who worked for years in the automotive industry and as a schoolteacher, has returned to Lethbridge as the brand ambassador for Litco Law.

He says he was semi-retired and living on the Pacific coast, but the allure of Litco made this a worthwhile return to the working world.

“Litco Law is also extremely community focused,” said Finnie. “If you look at what they’ve done … there’s nobody like them in the law firm world.”

Finnie expanded on this thought, saying Litco Law really is a unicorn in the legal scene.

“We’re something different, something you haven’t seen before,” said Finnie. “That’s [Litco’s] vision, they really do believe that. It’s not just an advertising ploy.”

Furthermore, he says Lethbridge is a wonderful city and he’s more than happy to be back.

“In Lethbridge, we’re friendly and a little more laid back,” said Finnie. 

He says even the businesses around town are more welcoming in Lethbridge than they are in larger centres.

“It’s just much more community-based and people knowing each other. It’s just so refreshing,” said Finnie.

The love of Lethbridge was shared by Rebekkah Fox, a lawyer with Litco who is working in the Lethbridge office.

She says Lethbridge is a far cry from her hometown in Newfoundland, but she has fallen in love with the city ever since moving here.

“The city itself is beautiful. There’s a lot of amenities that I’m not used to and I really enjoy the family atmosphere of Lethbridge,” said Fox.

She says she is currently practising real estate law, personal injury and wills and estates, but she is hoping to expand her horizons even further.

“We’re planning to expand into family law. We’re just kind of trying to figure out how we can move our business model from our other areas of law into family law,” said Fox.

Another lawyer for Litco, Bill Plettl, says the firm is hoping to become one of the most beloved brands in Canada, without putting profits over clients.

Furthermore, he says the expansion into Lethbridge is only a small part of the process to becoming a beloved company.

“The goal is to become as well known as [Tim Horton’s and other big names in Canada]. This is one step on the way to doing that,” said Plettl. “For me personally, it’s important because I have family in Lethbridge.” 

The personal connections to Lethbridge have been a focus for Litco, with Finnie saying it’s the reason he was so sought after.

“It was because of my relationships in Lethbridge over the last 20 years in business,” said Finnie.

He also agreed Litco Law is aiming to become more loved than simply wealthy, saying the idea of dirty practice is repulsive.

“We’re not dealing with typical ambulance chasing, trying to contrive situations. We follow the law,” said Finnie.

Another area Litco Law prides itself on is the “24/30” promise they guarantee.

This means clients will hear back from a lawyer within 24-hours after first contacting the business and they’ll receive updates at a minimum of 30-day intervals.

Holly Litwiniuk, brand advisor at Litco, says this guarantee is inline with the company promise to treat clients better than the competition.

“We have a specific, unique culture and a way that we treat clients. We go above and beyond for client care,” said Litwiniuk.

The firm held a welcome event at the Country Club on Wednesday, with nearly 50 partners showing up to see what Litco was all about.

One of those in attendance, Niko Saler with The Bridge – Sports Therapy and Training, says the entrance of Litco into Lethbridge is more than welcome.

“For us, it just made sense to have a friendly face and friendly contact,” said Saler. “It just sounded like a good partnership for us to work exclusively with them.”

He says he didn’t have a specific partner in the legal realm beforehand, so this will streamline his work while also making the process easier for his clients.

“It’s very easy to say, ‘here’s where we’re going to send you guys now’,” said Saler.

While the firm is aiming to further expand into new areas of law, they have been hard at work ensuring the areas they already practise in are unique and easy for clients.

Litco Law does not charge for consultations or an hourly rate for any other their specialties, plus they offer trademarked “Timeless Wills”, meaning you’ll never need to pay to modify your existing will.

The Lethbridge office for Litco Law is located inside of Heritage Station on the west side and they are planning a full grand opening sometime this summer.

They can be reached online at litwiniuk.com or over the phone at (403) 736-0448.

By Justin Sibbet, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Original Published on May 26, 2023

This item reprinted with permission from   Lethbridge Herald    Lethbridge, Alberta

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