Attracting Doctors Challenges Northern Towns

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    Story Summary - Communities served by two busy hospitals in Northern Alberta are wondering why Alberta Hospital Services is fighting against them as they try to attract new doctors.

    The two communities, the Smoky River region with a modern hospital in McLennan, and the High Prairie / Lesser Slave Lake region, with a hospital in High Prairie, have been working hard to attract new doctors. One of those communities, High Prairie has a new, $220 million hospital under construction, ready to replace the current hospital when the new one is finished in 2017.

    Over the years, and through successive governments, premiers, different ministers of health, and different directors of Alberta Health Services, the story is always seems to be the same - Alberta Health doesn't want qualified doctors working in these hospitals. Or for that matter, in many parts of rural Alberta.

    For the Full Story see Attracting doctors a fight with government

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